Pride of Independence & Freedom

This ship is a reconstructed blockage runner from the War of 1812. I proudly crewed on this ship and bought it in to its home port from Gloucester, Mass. We sailed from Cape Ann down the Atlantic coast and up the Chesapeake Bay. What a wonderful experience, but this was no vacation and an eye opener. Tall ship sailors are tough! God bless America and all who served to establish and maintain our freedom. Happy 4th of July! J

Skills for Success – A. Scheele

I’ve always been curious and wondered what makes some people “move up” while others remain on the career ladder’s lower rungs.  Adele Scheele asked the same question and made a formal study of lawyers who worked in legal firms.  Some of the lawyer advanced to full partner while others stayed at the associate level.  Intelligence and knowledge of the law could not be distinguishing factors because everyone in the study graduated from law school, passed the bar, and worked as accomplished lawyers.

Adele noticed several behaviors and practices that were discriminating features and separated workers into two major categories.  She labeled these groups “Sustainers” and “Achievers.”

Sustainers were talented people who did their assigned tasks well.  These people waited patiently for recognition and followed the “good student” model.   They saw life as a test and waited passively for recognition and reward because they did everything that was asked of them.  Sustainer saw no need to actively petition for promotion and expected the system to take care of them.

Achievers were equally talented and performed their job well, just as the Sustainers.   Achievers got themselves recognized and made alliances.  When asked, Achievers had poor vocabulary for describing how they got ahead.   Folklore was often used to

describe their success.  “I was at the right place at the right time.”  “Success breeds success.”  “I knew the right people.”

Although nobody fits perfectly into either category, people are characterized by the majority of their behaviors and in which category they spend most of their time.   Adele summarized a set of competencies that characterize Achievers.   These are what she calls, skills for success.

She presented three major careering competencies:

  • Self-promotion,
  • Positioning, and
  • Connecting.

In addition, she described six attributes that are typical of Achievers.  These were:

  1. Experience doing
  2. Risk linking
  3. Show belonging
  4. Exhibit specialization
  5. Use catapulting
  6. Magnify accomplishments.

Adele performed and reported her study in her doctoral dissertation:

Scheele, A. Careering: Identifying Critical Career Competencies from Everyday Lawyering,       UCLA, unpublished dissertation, 1976.

She also described her insights and conclusions in a small book entitled:

Scheele, A. Skills for Success. New York, Ballantine Books, 1979.

Adele is a very successful career coach, conference speaker and writer.  She has many videos and blog entries posted on the internet.  I’ll provide a little more detail concerning the characteristic behaviors of Achievers in successive posts.

Growth, Development, & Success

I’ve decided to re-engage this blog and use it as a repository for some thoughts about growth, development, and success. I visited an Organic Chemistry classroom yesterday and a young woman and I started discussing the factors that differentiate people and contribute to their success. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and will use this blog to organize my thoughts and insights. There’s a ton of information to organize:
– A. Scheele – Skills for Success
– R. Peterson – Crunch Time
– J. Loehr – Power of Story
– K. Ferrazzi – Never Eat Alone


Leadership examples summarized from a wonderful football coach



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This website summarizes some interesting insights pulled from a recollection of an interaction between a football coach and a team defense captain. Every leader needs to develop their own style, but all effective leaders share common attributes. Check out the summary bullet points and enjoy Bacon’s presentation. The vocal emphases, physical gestures, facial expressions and modulated presentation pace are masterful.


The Mystery of Math

I’m convinced that there are eternal and ultimate truths. I won’t argue about the nature of creation or it’s origin. I’m a believer and have strong faith in a supreme creators and will discuss Orthodox Christian theology with anyone who wants to listen and hold a conversation. I further believe that math is the language of the universe. It is simply too perfect and makes me stand in awe. Here’s a link to a video that shows some of the wonders and mysteries of math and what others have said. I like the quote at the end of the video. Math is like a very capable servant, who,,, if you ask nicely, will take you to the solution. You have to ask nicely!